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Same Sex Marriage

Relationships are not routine they are different and lead to many path.  Similarly, marriage works for some couples, domestic partnership or cohabitation may work better for others. Fortunately, California law is evolving to provide protection to couples and individuals in these situations.

Same-sex marriage refers to a legally recognized marriage between two spouses of the same gender. Since the Supreme Court’s decision same-sex spouses have the same rights and benefits as legally married opposite-sex couples, including tax relief, emergency medical decision-making power, access to domestic relations laws, spousal benefits (including workers’ compensation), inheritance rights, and spousal testimonial privilege.

If you have a legal issue related to California same-sex marriage and domestic partnership laws, speak with us. As a Certified Family Law Specialist, we know how to make sure your rights are protected as an individual or a couple, no matter what your relationship looks like. We extend paid legal services to same-sex couples and domestic partners in orange county and neighboring areas.


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