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Mediated Divorce

Whether divorcing spouses mediate or hire a lawyer to handle the divorce, they have to do a certain amount of gathering information and making decisions. Mediation offers a streamlined approach to the information-gathering and decision-making processes. In contrast, using the courts is cumbersome and expensive.

Unlike court battles which result in “winners” and “losers,” dissolving your marriage through mediation is a win-win situation for you and your family. The mediator does not take on the role of advocate for either spouse, but acts as a neutral third-party facilitator of your divorce proceedings.

A mediator has no power to make decisions for the divorcing spouses. The mediator’s job is to help the spouses negotiate an agreement that each of them considers fair enough to accept.

Our mediated approach can help the divorcing spouses in several ways: by informing them of their legal rights and options, by coaching them through the negotiations, by coming up with creative settlement ideas, and by preparing the necessary divorce paperwork once an agreement is signed.

Please call our office for a mediated divorce.


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