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Do I have any options in how I handle my divorce?

Yes. You have several alternatives, including the following:

  • Full attorney representation: You can get a divorce by having an attorney represent you in court. You might qualify for free or low-cost legal assistance if you have very little income.
  • Limited attorney representation: You can hire an attorney to assist you in a limited capacity with certain parts of the process.
  • Mediation: You and your spouse can reach a negotiated resolution with the assistance of a mediator in a non-adversarial setting and without going to court.
  • Self-representation (pro per): You can act as your own attorney. This pamphlet will help provide you with some of the basic information that you will need to know about the process.

There can be advantages and disadvantages to each one of these alternatives. The course of action most appropriate for you will depend on your particular situation. Factors such as time, cost, the impact on your children, the communication between you and your spouse and a desire for control in the process may influence your decision. It is recommended that you have an attorney review any agreement before you sign it.